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Whiskey fan? Coffee fan?  Both?

Barrel Aged Coffee; Our carefully selected single origin Sumatra coffee beans are aged in whiskey barrels in small batches.  These coffee beans are from the volcanic Indonesian island of Sumatra in the sub-region of Lintong.  This style of bean has specific tasting notes of woody earth and mild sweet tobacco, with a hint of ripe tropical fruits.  When aged in whiskey barrels, the flavor and aroma of the bean is enhanced with the sweetness of vanilla and caramel from the whiskey.  Upon tasting, you get the enriched coffee experience with a very long whiskey finish.  Excellent as an espresso.

Experience coffee on a whole new level.  Micro-lot single origin coffee beans are selected from specific regions from around the world for the delicate nuances which complement and enhance the flavors from barrel aging the un-roasted green coffee beans.  The coffee is then roasted to a specific roast level according to the master roaster in small batches to ensure fresh beans are delivered.  Slow down and savor the moment.


“…we all agreed that this could be our daily morning coffee, it’s that good…”

-Dan, Simon, Julia –  www.iScotch.ca


“Whiskey influence is subtle; some sweetness up front, a twisting tease of whiskey on the finish. Not overdone.”

-The Whisky Advocate (blog review)


“This, my friends, is not your average cup of joe.  On a blind tasting you’d find yourself wondering if this might be flavored, or perhaps just spiked—but you’d certainly find yourself wondering why the f*@! anybody has every professed a love for Dunkin Donuts.”

– Ryan, Blues In The Bottle


“Overall, I have to say that I was really impressed by Cooper’s Cask. This was everything that I love about a good cup of coffee – amazing aromas, complex, delicious flavors, and a compelling experience.”

-Josh,  A Dram Good Drink


“Starbucks Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee is good.  Cooper’s Coffee is great! Amazing taste profile from these coffees paired with awesome whiskey.  Can’t beat it.”

-John L, Customer

“well rounded..”


“While the nose on this coffee had a strong whiskey note, the coffee was well-rounded.  I got flavors that I didn’t get in the nose.  Right off the bat, there was a wonderful caramel flavor that turned into more of a butterscotch note.  There was also a bit of vanilla and charred oak that reminded me of toasted marshmallows.  There were also hints of tropical fruit and a bit of tobacco.  The coffee rounded out with some earthy notes and the oak from the barrel.”

-PJ Fox,   www.stogiesontherocks.com

“out of this world..”


“The taste is out of this world. Perfect for the morning after the best night of your life. Maybe every morning for the true whiskey enthusiast/go-getter. Best served in a foul mouthed coffee cup. Small batch coffee. Aged in small batch whiskey barrels. You can’t start your morning better than that.”

-Frank & Matty,   www.theemptysnifter.com

“delicious and smooth..”


They have truly put the work in folks and one sip of this coffee will clearly show that…Cooper’s Cask Coffee is a product I could see myself ordering and making a staple in my morning routine.

-Tim,   www.bourbonandoak.com/


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Cooper’s Cask Coffee as featured in Angels’ Portion

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“I’d say that the gentlemen at Cooper’s Cask Coffee are on to something here.”

– angelsportion, Featured on Liquor.com


A True Coffee Drinkers Coffee....



There are many myths about coffee, like dark roasts “will wake me up” and light roasts are weak or how coffee is coffee, just add cream and sugar.  But it is more than that, much more.  Coffee should be enjoyed for it’s complex flavor, aroma, and small nuances like a fine wine or a smooth whiskey.  Just like the wine and distilled spirits, they both share an aging process in which the medium, oak barrels, imparts some flavor and complementary components into them…